Your partner for Drug Development



Your partner for Drug Development



Your perfect ally for drug discovery
and development

Accelera is a premium tier Contract Research Organization (CRO) working and collaborating
with more than 300 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world. 

 About us

We are involved in preclinical research with decades of experience in the international pharmaceutical field helping us to select the best drugs.

We are a Contract Research Organisation (CRO), one of the few Italian companies capable of providing support through all phases of drug research and development, adapting and personalising services and consultancy in accordance with requests.

Our research teams integrate scientific, technological, and regulatory expertise flexible and customized services.

We collaborate internationally with both biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as with the academic and non-profit world.

Accelera is a subsidiary of the NMS Group.

 Our Services as a CRO

Our established scientific experience and flexible, safe, and integrated approach make Accelera the ideal partner for your company to achieve effective, high-quality, and fast results.

We provide scientific advice in special technological areas: from preclinical testing to safety pharmacology and drug interactions, from in vitro tests to radiosynthesis, up to PBPK and PK / PD modelling.

We can also provide support services for New Chemical Entities (NCE) development, biologics as well as new oncology drugs.

 General Toxicology


 Reproductive toxicology


 Safety Pharmacology


 Isotope Chemistry & Drug Disposition




 Regulatory Support


 Our Commitment

Accelera, one stop shop service provider for drug development, offers a unique background, built on years as part of global R&D of Pfizer, Pharmacia & Upjohn and Farmitalia Carlo Erba.

Accelera provides customer tailored services to select the best drug candidates and develop NCEs, NBEs, Biosimilars, and Cell Based Therapies, running optimised IND enabling studies, as well as reproductive toxicology and ADME studies

Fully compliant to international guidelines, Accelera has a strong track record of regulated activities recognized by the major Agencies, including EMA, FDA, KFDA, MHLW.

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 Business Area

     Molecule type

Accelera’s services meet various needs. Our solutions are segmented by molecule type, by the company/institution to which the client belongs, and by the therapeutic area in which it operates, that is, the pathology that the molecule under development is meant to treat.

Identifies the type of molecule (test item) developed by the client and which will be the subject of the studies offered by Accelera’s services. Depending on your molecule type we will choose the most suitable services to create the best drug.

Molecules are divided as follows:

● Small molecule
● Large molecule – Biologic
● Biosimilar
● Advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMP)
● Vaccine


Identifies the type of customer in terms of institution/company. According to the category to which you belong, Accelera will vary the approach and the services offered, taking the key drivers typical of that specific area as a benchmark.

These are the different clients:

● Academics
● Start up
● Biotech
● Small pharma
● Mid – Large pharma
● Medical device

     Therapeutic area

Identifies the macro-area in terms of pathologies of interest and / or the therapeutic target of the molecule developed by the company or the institution.

These are Accelera’s therapeutic areas of excellence, in which we have gained extensive experience:

● Oncology
● Autoimmune

Latest News & Events

NMS Group S.p.A. names Sidney Shin-Yi Dung as Chief Operating Officer to drive growth

NMS Group S.p.A. (NMS Group), the largest oncological R&D company in Italy, announces the appointment of Ms. Sidney Dung as Chief Operating Officer with immediate effect. Ms. Dung, currently a member of the Company’s Executive Leadership Team and Chief of Staff, will take primary responsibility for accelerating groupwise operational performance, continuing the transformation of the business model of each subsidiary and implementing the strategic vision and values of the company, in collaboration with leaders across the firm in her new role as COO.
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Accelera Srl Announces Change in Board Composition Effective Today

Accelera Srl, leading CRO and a member of the NMS Group today announced the change in its Board Composition, following the resignation of its board member Enrico Pesenti, effective today. Hugues Dolgos, Pharm.D., CEO of NMS Group, is appointed as Sole Director of Accelera Srl.   
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Science, democracy and animal experimentation: the need for a debate- Sept 13th, 2.30-3.30 pm

Dr. Simone Pollo main research interests are the ethics of human/animal relationships and the naturalization of ethics. He is MA in Philosophy at Sapienza University of Rome (1995) and PhD in Bioethics at the University of Genoa (2011). He is currently Associate Professor of Moral Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy of Sapienza University of Rome, where teaches “Ethics and Life Sciences” and “Bioethics” and is a member of the board of the PhD program in Philosophy.(Click the title for the complete article)

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