Accelera and BiomimX: Commercial agreement
June 30, 2021

Nerviano, 30 June 2021

Accelera Srl and BiomimX® Srl have signed a non-exclusive commercial agreement following an intense scientific collaboration aimed at introducing and applying new technological solutions to the drug discovery process.

The commercial agreement between the Companies determines that Accelera proposes within its commercial offer BiomimX®’s technological solutions: uHeart and uKnee. uHeart, is an in vitro 3D heart model developed with human cells applicable to predict cardiotoxic effects in both physiological and fibrotic conditions by the analysis of cell electrical activity. uKnee, is the first and unique in vitro 3D model of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis developed with human cells, applicable to profile safety and efficacy of both intra-articular medical devices and pharmaceutical products.


About Accelera
Accelera is a premium tier Contract Research Organization (CRO), developing and offering new technologies and integrated programs to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world to move forward their innovative drug candidates from early discovery to the clinic.

Built on decades as part of the international pharmaceutical industry, Accelera provides specific competence and tools to help Companies in
predicting and managing potential pharmacokinetic, metabolic, and toxicity issues, adding real value to Company’s R&D programme.

Major services available at Accelera include:
✓ High-throughput preclinical profiling and in silico ADMET prediction and modelling;
✓ IND/CTA enabling packages, including GLP general toxicology, safety pharmacology, genotoxicity, ADME and pharmacokinetics (PK);
✓ Toxicology and ADME/PK studies in rodent and non-rodent species, including Nonhuman Primates (NHP);
✓ Bioanalysis and pharmacokinetics for preclinical and clinical studies, including assay development and validation, PK/PD, and population PK data analysis;
✓ Drug disposition packages, including the synthesis of radio-labelled compound and QWBA;
✓ Preclinical development consultancy and preparation of regulatory documentation.

Accelera currently employs more than 50 scientists and about 55 technical staff skilled in multiple preclinical disciplines (drug safety, pharmacokinetics, bio-analysis, analytical biology, drug metabolism and distribution). Accelera facilities are fully GLP and AAALAC accredited.

About BiomimX®
BiomimX is an innovative startup developing in vitro human functional mini-organs to test pre-clinically the efficacy and toxicity of new drugs.
The key technology of the platform, called uBeat®, allows for the functional replication of human tissue by applying a proprietary controlled mechanical stimulation protocol to 3D cell constructs. The human cells, either primary or stem cells are grown within beating miniaturized devices defined as “beating Organs-on-chip”. The pipeline of BiomimX is rich and its increasing complexity allows the development of several organ and disease solution, confirming the versatility of BiomimX technological platform as advanced in vitro preclinical tool. In addition to the established uHeart and uKnee models, BiomimX team is validating new Organs-on-Chip model (e.g. uGut, uHeart+Liver, uScar) to replicate relevant pathophysiological processes involved in drug metabolism or in disease onset.

About NMS Group
NMS Group is the largest oncological R&D company in Italy. With more than 400 employees of whom more than half are highly educated individuals dedicated to innovative research, development and manufacturing. The NMS kinase inhibitor discovery platform as well as the antibody-conjugating payload platform are the driving forces of the group’s innovation, securing global recognition of NMS in personalized therapy. Recently Entrectinib, originally discovered by NMS, is a targeted kinase inhibitor to treat NTRK1/2/3 and ROS1 dependent solid tumors that was licensed to Ignyta, now a member of the Roche Group, gained approvals for commercialization in all major markets. This is further evident of the competitiveness of the drug discovery platform of NMS Group.
The NMS Group has three subsidiaries. NMS srl is a FIC / BIC focused drug research and development company with a robust pipeline of more than a dozen of anti-cancer projects, and three of the projects are currently in early clinical development. The other two subsidiaries are Accelera, which is a preclinical CRO company, and NerPharMa which manufactures API and drug product supporting clinical developments and commercialization.

About NMS Group

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