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here you can download 'Accelera in brief', 'ART@Accelera' OnePage as well as A4S Simulator program.

ART is the Accelera Attrition Reducing Technology, our an industry-driven platform that will lead you to identify the most promising drug candidates at an early stage and accelerate the lead optimization phase.

The “A4S Simulator program”, developed by Accelera, is a user-friendly graphical tool for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic simulation.” (M. Germani, F. Del Bene, M. Rocchetti, P.H. Van Der Graaf. Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 2012).

Effective communication of PK/PD principles and results in a biomedical research environment remains a significant challenge which can result in lack of buy-in and engagement from scientists outside the modelling and simulation communities. In author’s view, one of the barriers in this area is a lack of user-friendly tools which allow non experts to use PK/PD models without the need to develop technical skills and expertise in advanced mathematical principles and specialist software. The costs of commercial software may also prevent large-scale distribution. One attempt to address this issue internally in our research organizations has resulted in the development of the A4S (Accelera for Sandwich) software, which is a simple-to-use, menu-drive Matlab-based PK/PD simulator targeted at biomedical researchers with little PK/PD experience.

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