An increasing number of biological agents are being developed as therapeutics, prompting the interest of many pharmaceutical and biotech companies in bioanalytical testing and specific animal models.

At Accelera, our dedicated bioanalytical lab unit focuses on bioanalysis and immunogenicity testing of different biological drug products, such as bioactive recombinant proteins/peptides, therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, as well as oligonucleotides and gene therapeutics, providing an extensive battery of state-of-the-art technologies and GLP-bioanalysis services.
Bioanalytical analysis follows elisa assay set-up and validation. Our experts in bio analytical research, with several years of experience, have developed dozens of methods, ending with the required (1)(2) bionalytical method validation.

Our animal facility, which accommodates rodent and non-rodent animal species, combined with Accelera's Toxicology, ADME and PK capabilities, allows the execution of several integrated studies (e.g. PK/PD, repeated toxicity studies with TK) and service packages (e.g. IND enabling pre-clinical studies) to support the development of new biotherapeutics.