Isotope Chemistry

Accelera offers a full range of Isotope Chemistry services of radiolabelled and stable labelled compounds for GLP preclinical studies. Labelled compounds can be prepared, formulated and analyzed according to customers specifications, published procedures, or using methods developed from scratch.

Isotope Chemistry services include
  • Consultancy on most convenient isotope and labelling position
  • Custom synthesis of compounds labelled with stable and radioactive isotopes
  • Labeling of different classes of compounds, including polymers, volatile compounds, natural compounds, peptides etc.
  • Most commonly used radioactive (e.g. 14C, 3H, 35S, 125I etc.) and stable isotopes available (e.g. 13C, 2H, 18O, 15N etc.)
  • Synthesis of radiolabelled compounds with high specific activity for binding studies
  • Synthesis of stable labelled internal standards (SLIS) (Parent compound and metabolites)
  • Synthesis of non-labelled metabolites
  • Rapid purification by low-pressure liquid chromatography (automated Flashmaster and Biotage) and preparative HPLC
  • Formulation of labelled compounds for non-regulated as well as for GLP studies
  • Analyses of stable and radiolabelled compound
  • Certificate of analyses of labeled compounds
  • GMP certification (in progress).