Full AAALAC accreditation was awarded to Accelera!

The Italian Contract Research Organization Accelera S.r.l. has recently received the full accreditation by AAALAC International, the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care.
The company, collaborating with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, has over 20 years experience of drug development. The AAALAC accredited animal facility accommodates several rodent and non-rodent animal species, including non-human primates, and programs specifically aimed at ensuring the highest international standards of animal welfare. This facility, combined with Accelera's Toxicology, ADME and PK capabilities, allows the execution of several integrated studies (e.g. toxicology/TK) and service packages (e.g. IND enabling pre-clinical studies).

Accelera also accounts a dedicated Analytical Biology unit, focused on the bioanalysis and immunogenicity testing of many different types biological drug products, such as bioactive recombinant proteins/peptides, therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, and biomarkers, providing an extensive battery of state-of-the-art technologies and GLP-compliant services. To ensure the highest standards of service, the Analytical Biology unit takes advantage of experts in ligand binding assays, LC-MS/MS of proteins/peptides, laboratory automation, and information technology, to exploit already consolidated technologies or to implement innovative approaches.