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According to the category  to which you belong, Accelera will vary the approach and the services offered, taking the key drivers typical of that specific area as a benchmark:

● Academics

● Start up

● Biotech

● Small pharma

● Mid – Large pharma

● Medical device

 Small Pharma &
Biotech companies

As a small and agile company, you need a resourceful, flexible collaborator who will provide innovative solutions, proactively identify potential issues and reveal opportunities for your development program. Accelera will closely partner with your team to deliver the expertise you require and help ensure the success of your program.

 Mid-sized and large Pharma
& Biotech companies

Accelera offers a wide range of services that span the entire drug discovery and development continuum and can be tailored to specific research conditions. From complete IND-enabling programs to stand-alone assessments, our Safety Assessment team provides a full range of in vivo and in vitro testing services that comply with worldwide regulatory restrictions for the preclinical development of pharmaceuticals.

Serving the needs of both small and large molecule developers, Accelera offers a broad range of standard and specialized laboratory services to complement and enhance drug development programs

 Medical device companies

Every medical device and diagnostic product is different. Whether you need a partner for every phase of development or just one study.


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