Accelera provides support services and consultancy for Oncology drug development, New Chemical Entities (NCEs), biologics and Advanced Therapies through Accelera Oncology, a dedicated team of experts in preclinical tumor models, PK/PD, Attrition Reducing Technologies (ART), Drug Safety, Bioanalysis and Regulatory Development.

Accelera Oncology represents a unique combination of drug development experience, from cytotoxics to molecular targeted therapeutics and Advanced Complex Therapies, gained through time as an R&D site of major pharmaceutical companies (Pharmacia, Pfizer), in collaboration with the leading clinical oncology centers in Europe and the USA, and a decade of international operations as Oncology CRO,

Accelera Oncology, with an extensive network of partners and collaborators, can provide all the services and activities to support oncology drug research and development.

Accelera Oncology's experts are also available to assess the status of your oncology program, and to provide advice and input to optimize drug development strategies.