Expertise @ Accelera

Accelera can support you in all stages of drug discovery and development by tailoring and personalizing services answering multiple needs.

In Accelera you can find flexible high level consulting service for helping you in pick the best, right from the start.

Our different qualified scientific teams can offer you a unique platform of integrated scientific activities and technological and regulatory expertise, built on decades of experience in the international pharmaceutical field. In addition, our advanced platforms and technologies are located in a wide modular structure that can easily develop projects for differentiated and specific business purpose.

As a Member of Safety Alliance we can also offer you one single point of access for full pre-clinical development and regulatory packages in any country (including free development proposal, project management, study monitoring, non-clinical studies and regulatory support). Alliance Offices are located in different area including Italy, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Spain, and Germany.

The reliability of our clients and partner projects results and their worldwide acceptability is guaranteed by high quality certification by Regulatory Agencies for Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and by our internal ethical standards, in respect of AAALAC certification.