Services @ Accelera

For helping you in “picking the best” drug candidates right from the start, we provide you a large range of services with a flexible, safe and integrated approach.

Our tailored services span multiple disciplines, including early formulation development, pre-clinical profiling, drug safety, metabolism, bioanalysis and pharmacokinetics (PK), and chronic studies.

Leading experts are working in Accelera to provide you services and scientific advice in special technology areas, from safety pharmacology to drugs interaction, from in vitro tests to radiosynthesis, up to PBPK and PK/PD modeling.

Accelera can also offer you support and advice in the development of New Chemical Entities (NCE) and biological compounds, thanks to outstanding experience in the field and in preclinical tumor models, PKPD, Attrition Reducing Technologies (ART), Drug Safety, Bioanalysis and Regulatory Development.

In our activity we currently collaborate with several scientific leaders and worldwide customers as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies, academic Institutes and non-profit organizations.

Discovery services

Lowering attrition rates for new chemical entities entering expensive development phases is critical to cutting the overall costs of drug development and improve R&D productivity. With this in mind, the ability to "pick the best", and to identify potential failures sooner, are key objectives for both biotech and pharmaceutical companies.)

Development services

Accelera can provide a complete range of services to help move your compound into regulatory development. From integrated IND-enabling studies to clinical trial support, Accelera is able to apply its unique experience of drug development to your development programmes.

Bioanalysis and PK

Accelera offers a full range of bioanalytical and pharmacokinetic services for drug discovery and development. A validated LIMS system (Watson) is used to manage all operations from sample tracking to data analysis, allowing the integrated design, conduct and reporting of bioanalytical and PK studies.